Your Journey Starts Here

In the beginning were the spirits, the light, and darkness.

The spirits wandered through the light and the darkness until they became restless in their journeys. Stricken with unfathomable loneliness, they gathered together and formed a land derived of both light and dark that would soothe their growing pain. They smiled upon their creation and rejoiced among themselves, pleased that they would no longer suffer in loneliness again.

They called themselves the Eszeha and the land Eszailha meaning “Our Island.”

A murmur of discord passed among them soon after, fueled by the fears that loneliness would return. One of the Eszeha, esteemed as a leader, came forward to offer a solution. They would create beings formed by the substance of the land and indwelled by the essence of the Eszeha spirit to be companions for them.

So out of light and darkness and the substance of the land, the Eszeha created beings. They gifted these beings with the liveliness of their spirit and freedom to live as they desired, so long as they daily offered their thanks and upheld communion with the Eszeha.

And the Eszeha smiled on their creation and rejoiced once again.


Eszailha is a fantasy world that is home to the stories found in the upcoming River of Mecarn Trilogy, Transgressors story arc, and many other fantasy adventures.

Check out the “Works in Progress” tab to find out more!

I hope you enjoy your time here in Eszailha. There is much I have to offer you, from maps, to histories, to fan works, and even some interesting conversation. Take a moment to explore and perhaps find a place where you fit in.

Thank you for visiting.


Maps of Eszailha

Character Profiles

A History and Categorization of the Eszeha Spirits

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