Attack on MY HEART

Like most otaku with a good head on their shoulders, I was quickly caught up in the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin if you prefer) craze. And I think I just graduated from otaku to fangirl.

Since I’m an avid manga reader, when I first saw the anime and found that I really liked it, I decided to check out the manga. I’m a little  a lot picky about the art style of the manga I read and unfortunately, AoT did not meet my standards. Yes, I know I’m ridiculous, okay? I can’t even draw a straight line, but you know… those who can’t, judge.

Now as we know, the gap between Season 1 and this so-called Season 2 has been pure torture, but word is that wait is almost over. In honor of this, I decided to re-watch AoT.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Even though I knew what was going to happen, watching the show over again was just as exciting! Like… ☆ミヾ(∇≦((ヾ(≧∇≦)〃))≧∇)ノ彡☆

BUT… it made me even more anxious to know what the heck’s supposed to happen next.

So I sucked up my snobby art bias and opened that manga.

Holy! What was I waiting for? Why have I deprived myself of this? I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read the manga yet, but yes, just yes. It’s plot twists left and right and up and down! Action and titans and death… not surprised and so satisfied!

I can feel my inner fangirl breaking free the more I read and to top it all off… the inspiration. After reading something amazing I just get this itch to write, this desire to take the excitement coursing through me and transfer it to the page so I can share it.

Unfortunately, this also tends to happen at completely ungodly hours, and I have to sleep so I can be a functioning adult. Boo.

Where am I going with this post?

1. If you don’t watch Attack on Titan, watch it.

2. If you haven’t read Attack on Titan, read it.

3. Don’t be an art snob, like me.

4. Try not to pass out or suffer a coronary from all the excitement and the feels.

Read and watch responsibly!

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