Get Inspired!

If you can write and create strictly from your imagination without any outside inspiration… let’s talk. However, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most writers and artists have outside influences that inspire them to create.

Three main things—music, anime/manga, and nature—inspire my writing and all of its aspects.

We’ll start with music in this post and lightly touch on the other two. Check back in the coming weeks for the posts that cover anime/manga and nature in more detail!

I started singing on stage before I discovered my love for writing, so music has always been a big part of my life. When I decided to focus on writing instead of singing, it was only natural that I brought my music right along with me. Music, for me, is inspirational because of its ability to evoke emotion. I try to infuse as much emotion in my writing as I can, and sometimes I have a hard time describing a certain feeling. Well, what better way to describe a feeling than to experience it, right? Cue YouTube videos!

Song: “Unravel” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure ft. Shione Yukawa, acoustic version

This song is the opening for the anime Tokyo Ghoul. You might be wondering how it’s possible to find inspiration from a song that you can’t understand (the song is in Japanese), but music isn’t always about the words. With this song, even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I could feel the emotion from the singer’s voice. The first time I listened to the full song my eyes burned with tears and my stomach churned, not because I was physically sick, but because I was suddenly stricken with grief.

That was exactly what I needed! The emotions the song brought out in me were the emotions that I then infused in my character.

Another good example is the ending theme for the anime Zankyou no Terror. As with the previous song, this one is also in Japanese, and despite not understanding the words, I am impacted by the desperate and haunted undertones that come through in the singer’s voice and the accompaniment.

Song: “Dareka Umiwo” by Aimer

If you find music inspirational to use in these ways, make a writing playlist or make more than one. Have a playlist for anger, another for sadness, and another for happiness and play those songs when you need to write a certain emotion and let the music inspire you.  ♪~♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧♪~♪♫

Now, if you’re into anime and manga like I am, I have just two words for you: the feels. That’s it! The feels in anime are the inspirations of life. If you’re not into this particular sect (yes, a sect, I know what it means!) of pop-culture and simply cannot wait until my next post, check out my previous blog, “Attack on MY HEART”, to see just how serious “the feels” can get! If you need inspiration for a character that has a split personality, an inner demon, too much of an ego, underdog syndrome, or needs a plan to woo the love of their life I can assure you, there’s an anime for that!

Lastly, in the area of world building, nature is great for inspiration. There are countless places in the world that are breathtakingly beautiful and when creating a fantasy world, looking at pictures of these places can really get your creative juices flowing. Look at the movie Avatar (giant blue people, not Airbenders); the creators drew the inspiration for Pandora from our very own Earth. The following link shows just one place that inspired part of Pandora:–the-place-that-inspired-the-beautiful-scenery-in-avatar-2010-6?op=1.

Make sure to check back for more detailed looks at anime/manga and nature!

And remember, anything can be inspiration if you allow it to be; you just have to look at the world through creative lenses.

So tell me…

What inspires you?

One thought on “Get Inspired!

  1. Adryanna,

    I really enjoyed your blog post. The first thing I liked is when you gave us the three things that inspire your writing, and then told us up front that you were only going to touch on music, but to check back to hear more about the other two. This is a great strategy to encourage readers to bookmark your blog, or make sure they come back to read more. The other thing I really liked was the story you told of when you were young. Telling stories is a great way to connect to your readers. Great job!



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