When I close my eyes, I’m transported to another time and place, to a fantastic world so unlike my own.

I’d like to take you there with me.

My love for creating worlds and fantastic stories stems from an early love for reading, instilled by a    passionate elementary teacher. Under her guidance, I wrote and illustrated my very first story, “Panda’s  Hat”, when I was in the 3rd grade. The thrill of completing that story sparked something in me, and I continued to write tirelessly. Years later, in high school, I created my first alternate-Earth, my second home, Eszailha.

Let’s fast-forward, shall we? Currently, I live in Southeastern Massachusetts with my husband and an ever-changing array of Betta fish, all named after different Japanese demons. I’m on track to graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing/English in just a few months. Since beginning my first big writing project, I have had a few opportunities to further my writing by publishing two short stories for a missionary’s magazine in Lebanon, publishing an article in my local newspaper, helping a local Thai restaurant revise its website, and writing a healing blog to deal with my parent’s recent divorce. All of these things have been stepping stones for me as I continue to pursue my dreams.

As I continue writing, my novels will explore the grey areas of the classic good versus evil and human nature. All of my characters have the potential to do great good or great evil, and I think it is important to realize this potential, even outside of fiction. Can I tell you a secret? I write my novels with an ulterior motive. My biggest dream, my ultimate goal, is to work with a manga-ka to create Action/Fantasy/Adventure manga. I want to pair my exploration of human nature with beautiful and captivating illustrations.

Enough of all this talk, though; let’s go on a journey. Thank you for taking the time to step into my world.

Welcome to Eszailha.

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